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A momentous Era in the History of Kalyan Education Society :

Few institutions have gone through such hardships and uncertainties in their tenure of life and yet very few have overcome them so successfully as our school has. Indeed the checkered history of our school is a glorious monument of human endeavour and the selfless untiring efforts of its Management members and teachers.

Originally run by a minority trust in Kalyan city, the school had good teaching staff and spacious accommodation in their premises. Due to some untoward happenings that management took the harsh step of closing down the secondary school, in the first week of May 1977 . 40 teachers became jobless with termination notices and 1200 students with leaving certificates were on the streets. No existing school in the city could take any of these children or teachers. Obviously a new school had to be started before the end of May 1977.

Some educationists and social workers took up this almost impossible task. Permission of transfer of school from Education department and Charity Comminssioner was obtained through a temporarily formed society. The school was housed in the crowded rooms of Adarsh Hindi High School in Rambaug.

Within a short period, the Kalyan Education Society was formed. The teachers were happy and they wholeheartedly worked hard and enabled the newly formed Kalyan Education Society in restoring the former academic structure of the school. The Society managed to start the K.G and Primary sections once again.

The school remained for 15 long years in the rented premised in Rambaug. Our persistent search for a suitable land to build our own school continued. Our efforts bore fruits when a noble philanthropist of our town, Shri.Chandubhai Gandhi offered to donate 7000 sq m of his land in a prime locatlity.

The Gandhi family not only donated the land but also actively took part in designing a modern building and also found generous donors from Mumbai to help our cause. Many members of the society also contributed generously towards the building of class-rooms and furniture.

In the first phase, from 1990 to 1992, 35 classrooms, 4 laboratories, a spacious library, teacher and office rooms and toilet blocks were constructed in an area of about 45000 sq ft enough to accommodate 4000 students.

In the second phase, one classroom, modernization of office, teachers’ and Principal’s rooms and a state of the art air-conditioned auditorium with 484 seats was constructed which fulfilled a long felt need of the town. It is now used for audio-visual educational and cultural programmes for our students. This auditorium has also proved a boon for all educational and cultural activities of the town including professional dramas and orchestra shows.

A childrens park is also set up with numerous play equipments for the tiny tots. A spacious play ground surrounding the school has stimulated us to start a Sports Academy with 13 coaches for different games, and also an Interschool Sports Tournament, the first one ever to take place in our town. All these facilities are beyond imagination for a school charging moderate fees and admitting   children coming from all strata of society. There are several freeships and scholarships for poor children and arrangements are made to provide free uniforms and books to deserving students. Every effort is being made to improve the standard of teaching and learning in the classes and new e-learning methods are used to make knowledge more interesting and palatable.

The school has appointed additional subject teachers for maintaining good student – teacher ratio, additional dance, music, art teachers and 13 sports coaches. This has resulted in developing all round personality of the students and achieving high level of excellence in Academic , Sports and Cultural activites. For highlights of achievements refer to the links... Academic achievements, Sports achievements, Cultural achievements..

The school has now been renamed as Smt.Kantaben Chandulal Gandhi English School in fond memory of wife of Shri. Chandubhai Gandhi.

Smt. Kantaben Chandulal Gandhi English School

Gandhi Nagar, R.P.Road, Kalyan West.

Phone numbers : 0251- 2207745, 0251-2207289


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Smt. Kantaben Chandulal Gandhi English School
Gandhi Nagar, R.P.Road, Kalyan West
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Phone Numbers:
0251-2207289 (Primary)
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