Academic & Non Academic

Learning is an ongoing process and to cater to the technological advancement all class rooms have e-learning facilities.

  • Audio as well as visual effects in digital classrooms help in better learning and retention.
  • More student participation .Methodologies used Std V and VI.
  • Story Narration: Activity, Project.
  • Audio Visual effects such as films.
  • Testing previous knowledge, teaching aids Std VII & VIII.
  • Indirect Questions regarding lessons.
  • Activity, Project, Knowledge about author, poet, dramatization, narration.
  • Testing previous knowledge, teaching aids Std IX & X.
  • Giving clues about a topic
  • Asking opinions
  • Dramatization
  • Letting students guess about lessons.
  • Information about authors & their other works.
  • Through teaching aid
  • Practicals training in 4 separate science laboratories.
  • Encouraging each students extra reading through library class.
  • Encouraging each students participation in sports cultural activities art, craft and other co-curricular activities.
  • Preparing students for state and national level competitive exams.