Message from Principal (Pre-Primary Section)


Welcome to the copy hub of Pre-Primary Section of Smt. Kantaben  Chandulal English School.

  • Every child is capable and deserving of reaching his or her full potential and therefore our new wing is structured to empower both Educators and children to experience learning through creative expression, play and open ended discovery.
  • A platform for smooth teaching-learning process is created to Interact, Learn, Engage and Grow. Every classroom is developed, and holistic in nature to cater to the 6 major developmental areas i.e. Creative, Literacy, General Awareness, Mathematics, Physical and, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal development, Thus there is every scope for children to grow holistically.
  • I am indebted to the Inspiring Members of the Management for their guidance and support in all our endeavors and to the parents for their trust in us and to our staff, for imparting knowledge and values to our students with dedication.


Our vision for every child is

As high as I reach, I can grow,

As far as I seek, I can go,

As deep as I look, I can see,

As much as I dream, I can BE.



Mrs. Anita H. Luiz


(Pre-Primary Section)